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Body Blueprint courses are recognized by fitness authorities and associations across North America.Recognizing bodies include British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association (BCRPA), Canadian Fitness Professionals (canfitpro), Colleges of Massage Therapists from BC to Newfoundland, Manitoba Fitness Council (MFC), Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification Association (AFLCA) and The American Council on Exercise (ACE).

Thousands of our students have gone on to become fitness trainers across five continents!

Learn. Achieve. Excel.

Whether you do your courses online or in-class we make your learning experience fun, we do not rely on automated marking – real people mark your work so you receive personal attention to detail and individualized feedback on your assignments. Your assignments are returned quickly by our knowledgeable and friendly staff. Not only do we prepare you for the provincial exam, but you will enjoy learning the material so you will truly understand it.

You are more than just a student number with Body Blueprint.


Squat Muscles

Posted on
What’s involved in a squat? Why do you do a squat?  Most people know they are doing it to work the quads (quadriceps femoris) and the glutes (gluteus maximus). But...

Low carbohydrate/High protein diets

Posted on
Many of us are still faced with fitness participants who believe in low carb/high protein diets. Since 65% of your daily calories should come from carbohydrates it may not be...

HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training

Posted on
Our previous blog was on fat burning. If you want to burn loads of fat HIIT training will do that for you. And fast!A recent study in the U.S. showed...

Fat Burning Gimmicks

Posted on
With so many diets and weight loss gimmicks available, why is there such an obesity problem in North America? If those products worked, there would certainly be less obese people. In this blog we’ll look at some of the gimmicks on the market and touted in magazines and on TV

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