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Our online Personal Training course allows you to gain your Personal Training certification from anywhere around the world. We have students throughout Canada, the United States, as well as Europe, India, South America, Mexico, and other areas of the world. The Online option is also suitable for people local to Vancouver Island who prefer to work on their own time. 

The Personal Training course is the third and final of three courses required to become a Personal Trainer. To see all of the steps needed to become a Personal Trainer, please visit here.  


What is the Personal Training Course?:


Body Blueprint personal trainers are well recognized in Canada as we give you all the tools you need to become a safe, well rounded, motivating personal trainer. The online course goes over all aspects of personal training including cardio exercise, strength training, flexibility, assessing your clients, designing safe and effective workouts for your clients, and much more. Be prepared to move and learn. This enjoyable and thorough course covers every aspect of how to be a Personal Trainer. You’ll learn how to safely design programs for your clients, work around issues and how to do thorough assessments and much more. This course prepares you for your Instructor Competency Evaluation (ICE) as well as the BCRPA exam. From adequate nutrition to the latest training principles we train you how to be a great Personal Trainer and give your clients the best possible chance at success!

What will you learn?:


Body Blueprint Fitness Education's Personal Training Certification program is a renowned program offering you high quality, enjoyable and memorable education, preparing you to be the best Personal Trainer you can be. Topics in this course include anatomy, biomechanics and kinesiology, posture, nutrition, health screening, testing and evaluation, cardio fitness, strength training, flexibility, adherence, motivation, and communication, special populations, injury, and emergency and legal topics.

What is Included and Involved?:


You will receive: digital Personal Training manual (and the hard copy if you choose that version), videos and tutorials to watch on your own time, 12 written assignments to complete, plus a final assignment, 4 video assignments to complete, exam preparation materials and everything you need to successfully complete the Personal Trainers course and prepare for the BCRPA provincial exam and ICE. We will mark your assignments thoroughly and give you the feedback you need to feel confident as a Personal Trainer and successfully pass your Personal Training exam and ICE.

How to get Certified:


Once you have completed the course and have your Personal Training certificate from Body Blueprint, if you wish to gain BCRPA certification, you are required to then write the 3-hour provincial exam and complete your Instructor Competency Evaluation (ICE). We can walk you through this and evaluate it for you over video or in person.



You are given 4 months to complete the Personal Training course online from your time of purchase, but it's designed to take about 32 hours total. If you order the Personal Training package (Fitness Theory, Weight Training, and Personal Training courses), you are given one year to complete all 3.



Weight Training Certification. To go over the steps to getting certified, please visit here 


If you would prefer to take the course in class in Victoria, visit here: Personal Training In-Class


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