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Becoming a certified Personal Trainer is easy with Body Blueprint's online Personal Trainer package! This package saves you $150 compared to purchasing the 3 courses (Fitness Theory, Weight Training, and Personal Training) separately. If you'd also like Group Fitness online, feel free to reach out and we can set up a discounted price. 

The Personal Trainers Online Package fully prepares you for a career as a Personal Trainer, supplying you with all the requirements to become certified. On top of the 3 courses within this packages are examinations required by the governing body you wish to be a part of, and we help you through all of these steps. 

See the videos below for information on what you'll learn in these courses! 

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The Personal Trainers Online Package includes the Fitness Theory online course, the Weight Trainers online course and the Personal Trainers online course and walks you through all the steps in between.

The package includes all course manuals, assignments/quizzes for each course, videos and tutorials and all the information you need to become fully certified. If you would like hard copies of the manuals please choose that option below.

The Weight Trainers and Personal Trainers course will require a few short video submissions, which can be done from home.


Please note that for BCRPA certification, there will be extra costs for your BCRPA Fitness Theory exam, BCRPA registration, First Aid and CPR, Weight Training practical examination, Personal Training BCRPA exam and proctor fee, and Personal Training practical examination. See all steps here


There is a one (1) year time limit to complete all of the three courses once you receive them.  This is to ensure you get the most up to date information and are fully prepared for the current BCRPA exams and practical evaluations (ICE). Within your one year deadline, you have four (4) months to complete each of the courses in order (Fitness Theory, then Weight Training, then Personal Training) to equate 12 months total. If one course of the 3 is not completed within its own 4 month timeline, the subsequent courses will also expire. 


Fitness Theory And Exercise Physiology Course from Body Blueprint on Vimeo.


Weight Trainers Instructor Course info from Body Blueprint on Vimeo.


Personal Trainers course from Body Blueprint on Vimeo.