Customizable Workout Program Cards for your Clients

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Customizable Workout Program Cards for Your Clients

This is a package full of Weight Training Exercises for Workout Cards, designed for professional Personal Trainers to use for your clients. 

This package will help you easily design workouts for your clients. Simply drop the photo and description of the exercise into the workout card and customize for each client. With almost 300 exercises to choose from you will easily be able to give your clients great programs for months to come.

The exercises are for beginner to advanced participants. They are body weighted exercises, cables, dumbbells, barbells, and a few machines. Machines are easy to use, but don’t allow many stabilizers to be recruited. These exercises go far beyond what a machine could do.

What's Included

You will receive a PDF for each section of exercises (core, chest, shoulder/arm, upper back, corrective exercises and stretches) with all the explanations and special instructions to you, the trainer. You will receive individual photos and explanations for each the exercises and a blank, fillable program card so you can drag and drop. Have a look at the video below under "how it works" for a brief demo!

The Exercises

• 83 Abdominal/core exercises. Not one sit up, no machines. Just great body weighted exercises and some cables!
• 30 different chest exercises. Focusing on push movement for the pectoralis major and triceps. Along with lots of combination exercises for the legs.
• 52 different leg exercises for the gluteus maximus, hamstrings and quadriceps (and the smaller muscles of the leg).
• 39 different shoulder and arm exercises. From beginner to more advanced.
• 27 different upper back exercises for the lats, traps and rhomboids, along with combination exercises for the entire body
• 45 corrective exercises, with a PDF describing issues with posture and movement and a list of which exercises can correct those issues.
• Stretching handout for each of your clients with complete description of the stretch.

We've left out some of the simple machines that people use since they aren't the most effective. With this package you will receive interesting, effective, and safe exercises that will excite your client and have you teaching some of the most up to date exercises being developed

How It Works
  • Start by looking through the PDF documents in the “Exercise Descriptions” folder. This way you can decide what exercises you want to add to your clients workout card, without having to go through each separate workout photo/description. The descriptions include tips for you, the trainer.
  • Once you’ve decided on some exercises, open the “Program Card – blank.pdf” document and fill in the information at the top. Then click on the blank space in the left column and it will open up your computer’s file finder. Go over to your “Exercises” folder included in this package and search for the exercises you want to add. (some older programs won't allow you to insert JPEGs into a PDF, so we've provided the images in PDF format as well. Or you can insert JPEGs into your own workout card document). 
  • If you change your mind or click the wrong one, you can click on the image of the exercise and description, press clear and choose another one!
  • Feel free to include client specific comments in the spaces provided on the right.
  • The Postural Correction Exercises are exercises that you will do with your client. They are not to be included in the Workout Card as they require special direction. Feel free to print them out on your own document to take with you to your training sessions.
  • The workout cards you create are ideally for emailing to your clients. This way your client can receive the workout card and review from their phone or computer. They can be printed, as well (as the photos are detailed colour photos, you will want to print from a good colour printer that won't lose the detail). 

Please have a look at this quick video of how it works. Note: the video has no sound.


Note: this is not a workshop. There is no assignment and you will not receive credits. It's for your own benefit for writing hassle free workout program cards for your clients. 

These exercises are meant to be used with the guidance of a certified Personal Trainer (you). 


Here is what people are saying about these Workout Cards:

- "This is fantastic!  Thank you so much!  My clients love these!  They are so well organized and described." - AL, Personal Trainer 

- "I’m really using the workout cards, they totally help my PT clients." - J. Personal Trainer

- "This is awesome, thank you so much! These are great tools to have especially during Covid when my PT clients are now all training with me via Zoom" - CJ. PT