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Group/Aqua Fitness In-Class

We offer in class courses in Victoria, BC. The Group Fitness course runs regularly and the Aqua Fitness course runs once or twice per year. If you can make it to Victoria, the in class course is a fast, efficient, fun, and educational way to receive your Group or Aqua Fitness certification. It is a very practical course, so be prepared to get moving! 


What is involved in the In-Class Course?:


The In-Class Group or Aqua Fitness course usually runs over 2 days only, on a Saturday and Sunday at a central location in Victoria, BC. If the dates don't work for you, we have private options as well. These courses are also always available online. 

After the weekend, you will be asked to submit two observation reports (which means you will need to visit two classes and send us your evaluation of them), and write a lesson plan. Once we've reviewed these, we will send you your certificate (provided you have the prerequisites you need).

How to get Certified:


If you wish to gain BCRPA certification once you have your Group or Aqua Fitness certificate from Body Blueprint, you are required to teach an 8 hour practicum. To do this, it's important to get to know Aqua or Group Fitness Instructors now, you can find mentors who will allow you to teach parts of their classes with them to gradually work up to your 8 hours. Once you've finished this, you can complete your Instructor Competency Evaluation (ICE), which we can evaluate for you. 

If you wish to become an Older Adult Instructor, you can take the Older Adult course once your Aqua or Group Fitness ICE has been approved by BCRPA.




Fitness Theory

To go over the steps to getting certified, visit here




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