Fitness Theory and Exercise Physiology

Fitness Theory and Exercise Physiology

Approved with BCRPA (32 CECs), MFC, NSFLA, and more…

The Body Blueprint Fitness Theory & Exercise Physiology Course is the prerequisite for becoming a Personal Trainer, instructor in the Weight Room, Group Fitness, Aqua Fitness, Yoga, Older Adult or adapted fitness instructor (special needs populations), and will prepare you for the provincial exam. Even if you do not plan to become a certified fitness instructor, everyone can benefit from our Fitness Theory and Exercise Physiology course to improve their well-being.

The Fitness Theory course can be taken in-class, on-line or by private instruction  to suit your needs.

We will teach you how your body functions and responds to exercise and increase your awareness of fitness and health. You will learn that through exercise you will gain physical, social and emotional well-being developing your active health.

You will learn the following topics:

  • Developing a Workout Program, including fitness principles, heart rate monitoring, and preventing injuries
  • Physiology, including energy systems, cardio-respiratory systems and fat burning
  • Anatomy, including bones and muscles and how they function during exercise
  • Exercise Risks and Sports Injuries and Treatments: Learn to avoid and recognize common sports injuries
  • Safety in Exercise Design: Learn the safest and most effective ways to workout
  • Nutrition, Diet and Exercise: You will learn about macro and micro nutrients, supplements and healthy eating for fitness
  • Strength, Flexibility and Cross-Training: Understand the principles of stretching, how muscles gain strength and how to combine the two for muscle balance

Whether you do the courses online or in-class, we make your learning experience fun! You will receive lots of feedback on your assignments so that you really learn the information presented. You will receive personalized attention to all of your questions and assignments. Your assignments are returned promptly and they are marked by real people who care about your learning. We not only prepare you for the provincial exam, but you will enjoy learning the material so you truly understand it. You are more than just a student number with Body Blueprint. If you are looking to become a certified Personal Trainer or fitness instructor, this is the first course you will need.

Once you register for the Fitness Theory course, you have 4 months to complete it. This is plenty of time to watch the tutorials, read the manual and submit the assignments with this course. If you need more time, you can purchase an extension fee.

If you purchase the entire Personal Training package (Fitness Theory, Weight and Personal trainers courses), you have one year to complete it! If you need more time you can purchase an extension fee.

Private Courses

Body Blueprint also has One-on-One Fitness Theory Courses. If you are pressed for time, can’t commit to in-class sessions and want individual instruction at YOUR convenience, we are happy to offer private courses for you. You can take the course by yourself or with a friend or two. Look at our available courses Here, or Email us to find out more.