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Fitness Theory In-Class

The Fitness Theory In-Class course in Victoria, BC, is a fun, interactive, and efficient way to gain your Fitness Theory education. 


What Is Involved?


The in-class course is taught over one weekend (usually Friday evening 5:30 to 9pm, Saturday and Sunday 8:30 to 4pm) at a central location in Victoria. Prior to the course, you will be supplied with a short pre-course reading assignment and simple quiz to prepare you for your weekend of Fitness Theory education.

We also have a private option if you wish to take this course in-person on your own or with a small group, which can be set up at any time suitable to you and the instructor. 

You will be supplied with a full-colour hard copy manual and a workbook, and if you wish, you can request to have videos sent to you to help with your learning. 

After the course, we will send you a Final Quiz, which you will have two months to complete and submit to us (though it should only take a few hours). We will mark this for you, providing you thorough feedback to help you prepare for your provincial exam.

What Is Fitness Theory?


The Fitness Theory course is your very first step in your Professional Fitness Education. Your Fitness Theory education will be the backbone for your career in fitness, whether you decide to become a Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Aqua Fitness Instructor, Older Adult Instructor, or explore other Fitness options (or even for your own health and education). 

Body Blueprint's Fitness Theory Course teaches you how your body functions and responds to exercise and increases your awareness of fitness and health. In this course, we will cover the history of fitness, workout programs, Cardio-Respiratory Physiology, Skeletal and Muscular Anatomy, Strength and Flexibility, Exercise Risks, Sports Injuries and Treatment, Nutrition, Diet and Exercise, Stress Management and Relaxation, and more. 

The Fitness Theory course prepares you to write the BCRPA Fitness Theory exam or the exam for the Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification Association (and other governing bodies). This exam is a prerequisite for your specialty module course (Weight, Group, Aqua, etc). 

Even if you do not plan to become a certified fitness instructor, everyone can benefit from our Fitness Theory course to improve their well-being!

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