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Why You Should Squat

Our previous blog was on muscle involvement during a squat as there were some misconceptions around that.  This blog is about the benefits of squatting. Squats help you build muscles... Read More

In the Spirit of Valentine's Day...

...we at Body Blueprint would like to put some emphasis on the heart. No, I don’t mean the symbolic love heart that you draw in the sand or send in...
In the Spirit of Valentine's Day...
Becoming a Personal Trainer

Getting a Job as a Personal Trainer

You're trained up, you're excited, and now you're ready to take on the world! But what do you do next? How do you take all of your new-found knowledge and... Read More

Squat Muscles

What’s involved in a squat? Why do you do a squat?  Most people know they are doing it to work the quads (quadriceps femoris) and the glutes (gluteus maximus). But... Read More

Low carbohydrate/High protein diets

Many of us are still faced with fitness participants who believe in low carb/high protein diets. Since 65% of your daily calories should come from carbohydrates it may not be... Read More

HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training

Our previous blog was on fat burning. If you want to burn loads of fat HIIT training will do that for you. And fast!A recent study in the U.S. showed... Read More