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Weight and Personal Trainers Online Package

Weight and Personal Trainers Online Package
Weight and Personal Trainers Online Package Print

If you want to become a Personal Trainer in Canada but your schedule is hectic or you are in a remote region, this is the package for you! 

If you aren’t able to make it to our studio in Victoria for the in-class courses then you can still become a certified Personal Trainer with BCRPA through Body Blueprint by distance education!

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The Weight and Personal Trainers Online Package includes the Weight Trainers online course and the Personal Trainers online course, with all the course materials including: manuals, assignments, videos, and tutorials sent to you electronically. If you would like hard copies of the manuals please choose that option below.

The Weight Trainers and Personal Trainers course will require a few short video submissions. If you prefer, you can arrange to meet with one of our trainers for a private in-class portion of the weight trainers and Personal Trainers course. Please contact us for more info.

The digital manuals are non-printable. If you'd like a printed copy, please order one (and you will also receive the digital copy right away).


Please note that if you wish to be BCRPA-certified as a Personal Trainer, you must first register with BCRPA as a Fitness Leader (complete the Fitness Theory course, BCRPA exam, First Aid and CPR, and BCRPA registration). Then you may enter the Weight Training course (there are steps after the Weight Training course and Personal Training course as well. Contact us for details).


There is an 8 month time limit to complete both of these courses once you receive them.  This is to ensure you get the most up to date information and are fully prepared for the current BCRPA exams and practical evaluations (ICE). This gives you 4 months to complete the Weight Training course and another 4 to complete the Personal Trainers course. If your first course (Weight Training) is not complete within 4 months, both Weight and Personal Training courses expire.


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