Pre and Post Natal Specialty Course

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 Pre and Post Natal Specialty Course

A Guide for New Mothers, Partners and Their Support Team


We are excited to announce this new specialty course written by Livi De Rooy and Christina Truscott.

Livi is a Perinatal Doula, who has specialized working with expectant and postpartum mothers and their families for nearly a decade, she has spent hundreds of hours supporting them on their unique prenatal, labor and birth and postpartum journeys. Together with Christina’s vast knowledge of the body and experience in the fitness industry, we present a comprehensive and loving look at pre and post natal health and fitness.

We will cover nutrition, pre-conception health, conception, issues getting pregnant, intervention, health and wellness, support teams (doula, midwife, doctor, OBGYN), gestation and the baby, labour and delivery, drugs and medication, home vs hospital birth, vaginal vs caesarean birth, pelvic floor health and issues with the pregnancy and so much more.

We will cover postnatal depression, body image and self esteem for the new mother. This course will also give you, the fitness professional, several exercises that you can give your client before, during and after the birth.

On completion of this online course, you will obtain a Pre and Post Natal specialty certification. The course includes quizzes and assignments that walk you through each of the nine chapters. 

Note: Upon order, Body Blueprint will manually connect you to the first 6 online quizzes. Because we do this manually, there is a delay from the time of order to the time you can access the quizzes. Thank you for understanding. 

What are students are saying about this course:

"It is hard to point out things from each chapter because I really felt like the course overall taught me so much about how to go about helping a new mom bounce back but also a new mom-to-be maintain and stay healthy during her journey." - Chelsea V.

"Loved this course and everything I got out of it!"

"I wish I had done this course sooner!"




canfitpro – 4.0 PTS, FIS, HWL

NSFA - 20 CECs

FNB - 20 CECs 

ACSM - 20 Credits

SPRA - 20 CECs

ACE/AFCLA/ISSA/MFC/OFC - available for petition



You will have 4 months from your date of purchase to complete this course.