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Leadership Skills

Leadership Skills
Leadership Skills PRINT

If you are a supervisor or leader or wish to become one, this workshop will help you succeed. A leader wears many hats in the workplace: motivator, counselor, co-worker, go-between, peacekeeper, manager, and many more. This enjoyable workshop will help you identify your leadership skills, strengths and weaknesses, and improve your leadership role. You will gain trust and confidence from your employees, and learn to address productive and non-productive employees. If you are in a leadership role or plan on becoming a leader, this workshop will help. If you are wanting to become a registered Supervisor with the BCRPA, you will need to take the Supervisors Course.

What is included in this workshop?

This workshop includes a manual and a quiz.


You will have 4 months from your date of purchase to complete this workshop.



MTAS – 4 Business CEUs

CMTNL – 2 Category B CEUs

NSFA= 4 credits


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