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Functional Training for Optimum Movement Vodcast

Functional Training for Optimum Movement Vodcast

This Vodcast shows you many of the old fashioned, unsafe or counterproductive exercises we still do in the gym. And gives you dozens of much more effective, safer, and more enjoyable exercise alternatives for a functional workout. We’ll identify poor movement patterns and muscle imbalances in the most common exercises. You will learn how you can help your clients achieve proper positioning to keep them safe, injury free and also enhance their workouts. This workshop is a must for every group fitness instructor and Personal Trainer. If you’d like the full Functional Training workshop, please see our workshop page.

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There is no manual for this Vodcast.

There is a very short quiz that can be submitted if you’d like to receive 2 CECs.

There is no deadline for this workshop.

Narrated by Christina Truscott.

What is included in this workshop?

This workshop includes a video and a quiz.




FNB - 2 CECs

ACE/AFCLA/ISSA - available for petition


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