Multi-Joint/Compound Exercises for Functional Movement

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The Multi-Joint Workshop will give you loads of new compound exercises for your classes and clients. You will learn about the pros and cons of single vs. multi-joint exercises and the most common exercises in the gym and fitness classes (their benefits and problems). You will learn how to safely and effectively perform and teach tons of effective and functional multi-joint/compound exercises, involving very little equipment. If you are tired of the regular push-ups, rows and squats, then this workshop is for you!

What our students are saying about this workshop:

"I really enjoyed this course (as is the norm with all Body Blueprint courses). I agree 100% with the content. It is so tough to teach clients, and convince friends, the value of functional fitness and to forget the machines, and “old-fashioned stuff”. I educate, and most times they understand, and then have buy-in when they see results and real life improvements." - D.P. 

What is included in this workshop?

This workshop includes a video, online manual and an assignment.  

The digital workshops are non-printable. If you'd like a printed copy, please order one (and you will also receive the digital copy right away).


You will have 4 months from your date of purchase to complete this workshop.



canfitpro – 2.0 PTS, FIS

MTAS – 4 Primary CEUs

CMTNL and CMTNB – 2 Category A CEUs 


FNB - 4 CECs


ACE/AFCLA/ISSA/OFC/MFC - available for petition