101 of the Best Cable Exercises

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The Body Blueprint 101 Best Cable Machine exercises workshop will help you design amazing exercise in the weight room for your self and others. It covers mechanical advantage of different cable machines, different handles and how to use them, and safe and effective cable exercises for the entire body. It will give you lots of ideas to make your fitness programs more functional, interesting and effective. There are 100+ exercises in this workshop and four videos covering: introduction and push exercises, pull exercises, single joint and muscle definition exercises and legs and core exercises all using the cable. This workshop will help you incorporate new and exciting exercise into your client’s workout program!

What is included in this workshop? 

This workshop includes a PDF manual, 4 videos, and an assignment.

The digital workshops are non-printable. If you'd like a printed copy, please order one (and you will also receive the digital copy right away).


What our students are saying about this workshop: "This was absolutely the BEST workshop!" "The amount of information greatly exceeded my expectations"  "This was a fantastic course. I will absolutely incorporate these into my client's workouts"




canfitpro – 2.0 FIS, PTS

CMTNL and CMTNB – 2 Category A CEUs


FNB - 4 CECs


ACE/AFCLA/ISSA/Manitoba Fitness Council - available for petition


You will have 4 months from your date of purchase to complete this workshop.