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The Body Blueprint Weight Trainers Instructor’s Online Course will enable you to work in a weight room and write weight programs for your clients. This course is also the next step in becoming a Personal Trainer. The Body Blueprint BCRPA approved ONLINE Weight course is comprehensive, educational and fun to do.  And we are here to help you every step of the way!

This course is also approved by the College of Massage Therapy of Newfoundland and Labrador for 20 hours = 10 CEU's, Category A

And by Nova Scotia Fitness Alliance


You will have 4 months from your purchase date to complete this course.

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A Weight Room instructor must be able to show their clients how to use machines, free weights, and other equipment and write safe and effective programs for clients. We teach you how. This course includes a manual, assignments and several videos on anatomy and weight room instruction.

If you’d like a paper copy of the manual mailed to you please choose the “Printed” option below. You will not be able to print the manual out yourself as it is copyright protected.

To complete this course you will send in assignments and a few short videos.  This helps you become a great Weight Room instructor. You do the coursework at your own pace and have up to four months to complete this course.

Please note that if you wish to be BCRPA-certified as a Weight Trainer (which is the prerequisite for Personal Training), you must first register with BCRPA as a Fitness Leader (complete the Fitness Theory course, BCRPA exam, First Aid and CPR, and BCRPA registration). Following the Weight Training course, you will need to complete your ICE (practical exam) and it is recommend you complete 12 practice programs prior to beginning the Personal Training course (contact us for more details).

It is recommended that a computer is used (rather than a phone) for taking this online course, as there will be files (word or PDF) that must be opened and answers will need to be written or typed out in response.

Note that this course includes assignments done online through FlexiQuiz. When you order the course, you'll receive the course downloads instantly (if you purchase the digital version; for the hardcopy you have to wait until we fulfill it) but the quizzes need to be put manually on FlexiQuiz so it will take time before we do that. Thanks for understanding. 

Weight Trainers Instructor Course info from Body Blueprint on Vimeo.

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