Bio-mechanical Deficits and Corrective Exercises Workshop

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This workshop will help you identify muscle imbalances and poor movement patterns in common exercises you see every day. You'll learn what the issue is and how to fix it by easily choosing corrective exercises. This workshop has dozens of simple and effective exercises to deal with most issues that come up with bio-mechanical deficits.

In this workshop, we cover: • Neural adaptation • Assessments and evaluations • Mobilizers and stabilizers that are involved in movement • Corrective exercises for each muscle group and for each deficit in movement • Stretches to help your clients (dynamic, eccentric and static). 

Biomechanical Deficits and Corrective Exercises from Body Blueprint on Vimeo.


What our students are saying about this workshop:

"I always learn so much from your workshops. This is an amazing resource full of useful information and exercises. As always, a great workshop. Thank you!"  James T. 

"[The Biomechanical Deficits & Corrective Exercises] workshop was a very informative workshop and I feel it has increased my knowledge and confidence in this important area." - Laura L.

"I have trained for many years and this has been the most suprisingly beneficial course I've done in a long time. I assumed it would have so much less information when seeing the cost of the course. I will use this as a resource for years to come. Thank you so much for creating it!" M.P., Canfitpro. 

What's included in this workshop:

The workshop includes two videos - one deals with the issues you will come across, and the other has all the exercises. We also include a 100-page manual and a 20-question long answer assignment. It is a self-study online workshop.  

The digital workshops are non-printable. If you'd like a printed copy, please order one (and you will also receive the digital copy right away).




canfitpro - 2 PTS, 2 FIS


FNB - 4 CECs

CMTNL and CMTNB - 4 Category A CEUs

MTAS - 4 Primary CEUs

ACE/AFCLA/ISSA/MFC/OFC - available for petition



You will have 4 months from your date of purchase to complete this workshop.