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If you have extensive background in human anatomy, physiology and fitness (or have taken a Fitness Theory course in the past) and are preparing to challenge the Fitness Theory exam, either with BCRPA or another registering agency, this Practice Exam will help prepare you!

Each exam contains 60 multiple choice questions out of a pool of 400 questions that may be on the Fitness Theory exam. These questions will help better prepare you for the Fitness Theory exam and show you which areas you may need to study more. Upon quiz submission, you'll get automatic answers and feedback digitally. 

You can choose to take the practice exam once or twice. Since the questions are randomly chosen from a large pool, you may or may not get the same question twice, but no two exams will be exactly alike! 

Please note that Practice Exams are not meant as a replacement for the Fitness Theory Course - there is no manual, videos or online tutoring included. 

The practice exam is not meant for people who have recently taken the Fitness Theory course - the questions are similar to those in the course. If you have just taken the Fitness Theory course, please study your course quizzes/assignments and the feedback you received!

IMPORTANT: Note that the exam questions are not sent to you automatically upon purchasing. We must manually create you an account and send you a Welcome Email to FlexiQuiz where you will access your questions. Thank you for your patience. We send the quizzes out during business hours (and occasionally on weekends and evenings if we can). If you need this in a hurry, text 250-727-5510 before purchasing and we will do our best to set you up.