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Powerlifting 101: Powerlifting to Win!

Powerlifting 101; Powerlifting to Win!
Powerlifting 101; Powerlifting to Win! PRINT

This workshop teaches you everything you will need to know about powerlifting. The big 3 exercises: Barbell Squat, Bench Press, and Dead lift, how to do them and what can go wrong. This workshop covers skeletal anatomy and its effect on movement, soft tissue involvement, muscle involvement, form, posture, positioning, warming up, preparatory exercises, assessments, movement compensations, corrective exercises and stretches to increase technique, and much more.  We will teach you how to train others, powerlifting myths and how to prepare for a competition.

Other details

Written by Jason Klaus (Powerlifter) and with contributions by Christina Truscott (Director of Body Blueprint Fitness Education).

Included: A full colour, 100+ page manual (either online or printed) and a full video and an easy open-book quiz to get your continuing education credits. If you would like a hard copy of this workshop after purchasing the digital version, please email us.

What is included in this workshop?

This workshop includes a manual, a video on squats, and an assignment.



canfitpro - 3.0 PTS


FNB - 6 CECs


You will have 4 months from your purchase date to complete this course. 


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