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Posture Webinar - Wednesday, July 29, 5-7pm PDT

Posture Webinar - Wednesday, July 29, 5-7pm PDT

Join us on Wednesday, July 29, 2020 from 5pm to 7pm PDT for a webinar workshop with Christina Truscott, trainer of fitness leaders.

In this workshop, we'll teach you the causes of poor posture, and how to prevent and correct them. You will learn about great exercises that help to develop stronger postural muscles and better mobility. Perfect posture helps prevent headaches, neck and back pain & burning, and muscle imbalance. We’ll work on strengthening postural/core/balance muscles and stretching the tight ones that prevent you from having perfect posture! This workshop is a must for any fitness trainer to learn to recognize and fix poor postures on your clients. Also included is a Posture Handout so that you can easily identify your clients’ tight/weak muscles and know how to fix a postural problem.


The cost of the workshop is $35 + tax, which is discounted from the normal cost of the online workshop, and you will still receive all the course materials. There will be a video to watch and a short assignment to complete to receive all credits. The workshop will be recorded so you can watch it later!


canfitpro – 2.0 PTS, FIS

MTAS – 4 Primary CEUs

CMTNL – 2 Category A CEUs


FNB - 4 CECs


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